About us

What started as family contacts decades ago is now the basement for European business relations.
We are the bridge between the Balkans with the main focus Bulgaria on the one and the German speaking region on the other hand.
Mutual language knowledge, knowledge of the markets, mentalities and business usances accelerate our success.

You might participate in it - our specific competencies are:
  • Import and export of civil goods
  • Architectural and wellness management and services
The AB-Handels-Ltd was founded in Sofia 6 years ago, at the moment we are mainly engaged in
  • import and export of products of the metal working industry, e.g. lifting accessories and lashing equipment, steel cables, chains, postboxes etc. and
  • building project management, linking know-how from eastern and western Europe
If our portfolio matches your demands, we are your appropriate partner.

Certificate ISO 14001
Certificate BS OHSAS 18001
Certificate ISO 9001